''1 Murid, 1 Chromebook'' Programme Launched to Bring Internet-enabled Learning to 122 Students and Teachers in Pulau Ketam

1 Murid 1 Chromebook at SJKC Keng Chee, Pulau Ketam

First-of-its-kind initiative in Malaysia will harness the power of technology via 4G-enabled Chromebooks to connect remote classrooms to world-class learning

PULAU KETAM, 14 August 2014 – YTL Communications, in collaboration with Multiple Technology MSC Sdn Bhd, EduSpec Holding Bhd and SJK(C) Keng Chee in Pulau Ketam today officially launched the “1 Murid, 1 Chromebook” programme, in a move to provide the students of the remote primary school with quality learning made possible by Internet technology.

Head of Information and ICT Management Sector from Selangor State Education Department Encik Abdullah Bin Nordin was present to officiate the programme, in the presence of YTL Communications, YTL Foundation, FrogAsia and Google representatives, the Board of Governors and the Alumni for SJK(C) Keng Chee, as well as headmasters from 30 Chinese schools in Selangor.

The programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative in Malaysia to provide a lightweight, cloud-based, Samsung 4G Chromebook to every single student and teacher in a school, enabling collaborative learning and teaching to happen anytime, anywhere, in classrooms and at home.

Determined to give the students of SJK(C) Keng Chee quality education despite the school being located in a fishing village on an island with limited resources, the school’s alumni group, Board of Governors, Parent Teacher Association and parents worked together to raise funds for all 122 units of Chromebook.

In his speech, Encik Abdullah Bin Nordin said, “I am pleased that the “1 Murid, 1 Chromebook” programme is able to leverage on the current 1BestariNet infrastructure and bring global learning opportunities to more students, especially those in remote classrooms. It is truly exciting to see that through this meaningful programme, each and every student is able to get the most out of the Internet via Frog VLE and learn at their own pace, with the availability of Chromebooks for everyone in the school.”

He added, “I would like to commend SJK(C) Keng Chee and partners for making this programme possible. The commitment and passion the school has demonstrated towards “1 Murid, 1 Chromebook” to ensure their students receive the same quality learning as those in the urban schools can be an inspiring example for other schools to implement similar initiatives.”

Students using their Chromebooks in a Chrome Lab at SJKC Keng Chee school

The school hopes that the Chromebooks will make it easier for students to access the Frog VLE while being able to research and learn independently as well. This is in line with the Ministry of Education’s efforts to scale up the quality of learning through technology under national initiatives such as 1BestariNet, a key component in Shift 7 of the Malaysian Education Blueprint.

Headmistress of SJK(C) Keng Chee, Chuah Soo Cheng shared, “I hope SJK(C) Keng Chee can produce a new generation of 21st century workforce that is globally competitive and competent. I believe that this innovative method of Chromebook-integrated teaching can enhance the students’ learning performance, shape them in a way that will see them well-prepared in the future and ultimately, contribute to the national development.”

Since the school began using the Chromebooks, response has been positive, largely due to the vision of the school leadership, the support of the school alumni and parents, and the tireless dedication of the school’s young team of teachers who are keen to implement technology in their school curriculum. Not only do the teachers live in the school itself, as the school is remote and only accessible by boat, but they also sacrifice their free time by providing tuition classes to the kids beyond school hours.

For Tiong Kung Loing, who is a teacher at the school, having Chromebooks means the students can easily learn, share and collaborate ideas and information with students from other classes or other schools. “Aside from Frog VLE, the Internet is a great source for students to discuss their thoughts and findings, research on educational presentations or have fun with game-based school quizzes. I myself frequent the FrogStore, where I would download a variety of online materials for my day-to-day teaching.”

Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer of YTL Communications expressed his support for the “1 Murid, 1 Chromebook” programme. He said, “At YTL, we have been championing the use of Internet technology to enable next generation of learning for Malaysian school children and to equip them with a culture of lifelong learning and technology know-how to succeed in the global knowledge economy. We are heartened to see pioneering schools such as SJK(C) Keng Chee who have wholeheartedly embraced the vision and are taking tangible steps to realize that for the benefits of their students. With the launch of today’s programme, we are seeing a resounding progress towards the closing of our country’s digital divide and the leapfrogging of our country towards an innovative driven economy.”

To further support the programme, a Chromecart to store, charge and safe-keep the Chromebooks was also contributed by YTL Foundation, among other supporting devices and services.

“Google believes in bridging the digital divide by providing quality education to every child through technology. We believe that technology has the power to level the playing field and provide access to global knowledge and ideas for students, even in remote areas such as Pulau Ketam. It is amazing opportunity that we have today to witness the launch of this programme,” said Harry Kwa, Head of Education, Asia Pacific, Google.

At the event, Encik Abdullah Bin Nordin took a tour of SJK(C) Keng Chee and visited some of the classes in session, where the lessons were carried out seamlessly using the Frog VLE via the Chromebooks. Students and teachers were also at hand to share their experiences thus far on the Chromebooks.