YTL's Yes won the Gold Winner for Best 5G Prepaid Plan of The Year - The Yes FT5G Unlimited And Silver for The Best Mobile Telco of the Year

soyacincau, 7 December 2022

Prepaid plan of the Year

Yes FT5G Unlimited – GOLD WINNER
YTL Communications' Yes 5G is the first telco to offer 5G services in Malaysia and the FT5G prepaid is the most affordable 5G plan which comes with unlimited data and unlimited calls. Although Yes' 4G network isn't as wide as the big four telcos, it's hard to argue with the plan’s unlimited high-speed 5G access with speeds exceeding 1Gbps within optimal areas of DNB's coverage.

Even with more telcos on board with 5G, the FT5G plan remains the unbeatable option for consumers to try 5G and it supports the most 5G devices.

Mobile Telco of the Year

Yes has made a lot of buzz this year as the first and only 5G telco in Malaysia for almost a full year. Although it has a not so extensive 4G network, Yes has catapulted itself into the spotlight for being the first to jump on board with DNB’s national 5G network. No doubt, Yes faced an uphill task to convince people to jump onto a network that's still work in progress.

Gradually, they improved their services over time and they currently have the most optimised 5G experience and they have the most number of 5G devices supported, among all telcos. Besides offering a competitive 5G prepaid plan with unlimited data, Yes made a daring move this year to revamp its postpaid lineup with true unlimited 4G and 5G data without FUP which is something refreshing for 2022.