YTL's YES Wins 2013 Frost & Sullivan Most Promising Telecom Service Provider Of The Year Award

Kuala Lumpur, 20 May, 2013

Yes, Malaysia’s fastest 4G mobile internet service provider has clinched the esteemed 2013 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia award for being the Most Promising Telecom Service Provider of the Year. The award recognizes Yes’ concerted efforts to enter a mature market with strong innovations to entry and post healthy growth within a record two-year time period.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan Malaysia presents this award to the company that has showcased remarkable subscriber and revenue growth, innovative services, rapid network expansion and strong future growth prospect in the local telecommunications industry.

Findings from the analysis reports by Frost & Sullivan indicated that Yes provides advanced mobile internet features to customers through its innovative ID based architecture and a converged voice-data network. This innovation not only gives Yes a differentiated competency but also opens up growth avenues as the demand for data services increases.

“Yes has been very impressive in terms of network coverage expansion. The company has increased its base stations from 1,200 to 4,000 within a span of two years,” noted Nipun Jaiswal, Information and Communications Technology Industry Analyst from Frost & Sullivan Malaysia. “It has also focused on strengthening its dealership network and creating brand awareness. Despite being a newcomer in the market, the company has shown robust subscriber growth and excellent revenue growth.”

For Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive of YTL Communications, the award is a solid validation of hard work, dedication and the continuous effort of the team and partners. “We are pleased to be named for such a prestigious award. With other major telecommunication service providers in Malaysia announcing their foray into the 4G mobile network market, this award is specially significant where Yes has been singled out as the most promising of them all,” he said.

He also shared that Yes will continue to leverage their strong 4G network infrastructure in Malaysia to offer high-speed mobile internet, consumer-centric products and competitive-priced plans.