YTL's YES 4G reinvents the mobile phone with Yes Life

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Presentation by Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh
Managing Director, YTL Corporation Bhd &
Executive Chairman of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd
Palaeolithic Cave Drawings

In Lascaux, southwestern France, there are a number of 17,000 years old Palaeolithic cave drawings. One of them depicts a hunting scene. Like an instruction manual, this drawing should have demonstrated to the tribes how to kill animals during a hunt  where to target arrows and spears. Success or failure in killing these animals determined survival.

We know that copying drawings like these on other caves helped many tribes to progress and grow in strength. This was knowledge transfer that eventually led to tribes competing and dominating one another. That was how many civilisations started.   
12,000 Chinese Characters

With 10,000 to 12,000 characters that evolved from copying shapes of objects and movements, the Chinese dominated much of the world for 4,000 years. It was the world's largest economy until the 1800.

Dynasties grew at the back of characters carved on tortoise shells, animal scapula or bones, and bamboo. Grand philosophies and great inventions were spawned. And the Chinese spread their knowledge and influence wherever they went  carrying these heavy loads in huge boxes.

Not surprising, they invented paper and traditional printing, including the world's first paper money in 1007 A.D.
26 Characters

From 14th Century onwards, the West expanded and subsequently conquered the world with 26 Roman alphabets. They brought about the Enlightenment, scientific and industrial revolution, and world imperialism  even invading China in the process.

Again, notably, western expansion coincided with the invention of modern printing by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1440s. He gave the world  books! Including the world's first printed Bible. Where books travelled, knowledge and information were disseminated. And scientific innovations and technological advancements follow suit. This helped societies to advance, develop and grow in confidence. They became strong.

The West's 26 characters overtook the Chinese and their thousands of characters. (According to the 1716 Kangxi Dictionary, Chinese language had evolved to 47,000 characters.)

It is so clear in history that whoever can simplify information, make it 'widespread' and get people to harness the information  wins!

Binary numbers by Concrete-Love

Characters  0 & 1

Today, the world has a neutral language regardless of race, nationality or creed. It is encapsulated in two numbers  zero and one. Binary numbers!

With 0 & 1, we could and have digitalised the entire Library of Congress, every picture from the Guggenheim Museum, all of Shakespeare's great works, Beethoven's compositions, and even the complete series of 24. We digitalised entire libraries, museums, orchestras and movie theatres.

And being the vehicle for this new language, the internet allows vast volumes of information to be transferred. That is why the internet is our 'e-tool' of learning, commerce, networking, gaming and even campaigning!

It has become our Khan Academy, our Alibabas and Baidus, our Facebooks and Twitters, YouTubes and Blogs!

Furthermore, with 0 & 1, everything once stored in huge computers the height of Empire State Building can now be squeezed into tiny 'mobile' devices like smartphones, iPads and mobile tablets. What Steve Jobs calls 'Post-PCs'.

Steve Jobs likes Post-PCs precisely because he knows that the real power of information is mobility. He understands, as we at YES do, it is essential to be able to access the internet whenever and wherever! Mobile Internet!
Mobile Internet!

But of course, to put a library in your smartphone whenever and wherever, you need serious mobile bandwidth. The smartphone is only as smart as its network.

With YES 4G, Malaysia has the world's first nationwide mobile internet network that could truly power chunks of information into smart mobile devices. YES is the world's smartest mobile internet network with voice  by all accounts.
COVERAGE - Nationwide Malaysia is 4G hotspotted!

To have true mobility of internet, we need nationwide coverage. YES 4G has done that.

Singapore has hotspotted the country with WIFI. The quality is on a best effort basis. That is why 72% of the population uses smartphones and that will probably grow to 100% by next year.

YES has 4G WiMAX-ed or 4G hotspotted nationwide Malaysia. We have 100% of the 'nationwide' mobile data market. Malaysians could instantly triumph with their smartphones.
SPEED  YES 4G is Fastest on the Go!

True internet mobility definitely means speed. You want downloading information to be fast and instant!

We say that YES 4G is 3-5x faster than 3G. But our speeds have reached 8-10x faster than 3G.

We promise no throttling for our users.

We are also opened to scrutiny. We let everyone know our speeds and our coverage map. Why?

Doesn't the internet thrive on transparency?

We certainly delight in bloggers measuring and analysing our network because that is what the 4G ecosystem is designed for  mobile internet for all!
PRICE  genuine mobile internet value for RM1!

Finally, for mobile internet to make sense, it has to be affordable. Let me say this categorically  YES is cheap!

"Now, what can we do for RM1? With YES, quite a lot! For RM1, we get genuine mobile internet value. Depending on the websites visited, an average user could surf up to 7 hours on the internet; or have 20 minutes of YouTube streaming; or even sending 300 emails.

We have the ability to disseminate and distil powerful information online for a few hours and then distribute them for action to various individuals faster than anybody on this earth through emails and SMS.

All this for RM1.

Where on this planet do you get true mobile internet value per RM1 like that?

1st in the World with Mobile Internet with Voice

We have said that YES is the most powerful 4G mobile internet in the world, but also that it has voice. Our (018) numbers' are important in the 4G ecosystem.

What this means is that YES 4G is the first company in the world to have successfully converged internet and voice! And because we are a smart network, we could do smart things.

Today, we announce to you that we have truly reinvented the mobile phone!

For the first time, with YES Life, your iPhone will now have two phone numbers running at the same time. You could have YES' (018) number, as well as a number that is on your old mobile sim card.

Think for a minute. The iPad and the iPod do not have the same function as the iPhone. Well, we have just made them into phones. For the first time, with YES Life, we have given the iPad and the iPod the same ability as the iPhone. And when you call out on your iPad and iPod using YES Life, your (018) number will appear.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just made the smartphone, smart mobile device  even smarter!
That is the power of the YES 4G mobile internet! Now, if our system could do this, and we have made it an open system for everyone to benefit, you could use it to do so many smart things. That is my point!

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Legacy of History

My friends, what does history teach us? Firstly, we learn that those who 'monopolise' powerful information will never like to share it!

The Qin Dynasty Emperor burnt Confucius books; the Church in the Middle Ages monopolised God's Word with Latin; South Africa with Bantu education; North Korea with 2 TV channels  'On' or 'Off'; and political dictators who hate the transparency of internet, and sought to block and censor it.

All of them became backward, most remaining backward! All of them faced and most continue to face resentment, unrest and even anarchy in politics, business and society.

That is why, at this point, let me say how grateful I am that Prime Minister Najib reaffirmed a few Sundays ago the government's commitment not to censor the internet  as in the Bill of Guarantees. I wish to congratulate the Prime Minister and indeed his predecessor, Tun Mahathir for protecting such a key freedom of ours.

Secondly, we are reminded that even those who were progressive and had great ideas, but if they themselves fail to harness and capitalise on these advancements, they would also fall behind!

It is sad to note that Guttenberg  dubbed the father of modern western civilisation, the great maestro Schubert, the invertors of modern aviation  the Wright brothers, and Edison - the greatest inventor all suffered financial ruins and bankruptcies in one way or another.

They failed to capitalise on their knowledge, smart as they were!
New Legacy

Civilisation  past and present  is now squeezed into smart mobile devices, driven by a very smart YES 4G mobile internet network. We must not miss the opportunity to capitalise on this power and opportunity!

YES 4G is certainly not monopolising and charging an exorbitant sum for this important digital power and its mobility. I assure you.

Instead, we are very passionate to use YES 4G to transform this nation. Because we know it can!
We want Malaysians to be even more economically empowered and technologically advanced. Malaysians can!

After all, Malaysia has the most powerful mobile internet in YES 4G.

And history also teaches us that those who are able to have access to huge volumes of information fast, harness it and share it around (make it widespread)  will survive, succeed and surpass their rivals!

My friends, I invite you and the whole nation of Malaysia to join YES 4G in this genuine 4G mobile internet revolution and transformation!

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