Lot 10 Celebrates Earth Hour

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 23, 2017

Once again Lot 10 will join billions around the world to 'Switch Off' for Earth Hour, a global 'lights off' event created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Since it was launched in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has become a global event celebrated annually to call on each person, commitee, business and government to inspire people to protect the Earth and promote environmental conservation.

Lot 10 launched their sustainability campaign "Together We Can Make A Better World" in support of Earth Hour 2017 and in collaboration with two partners, Raffles College of Higher Education and Kloth Cares by Kloth Lifestyle.

The launch event was attended by Joseph Yeoh, Vice President of YTL Land & Development, Mr Wan Azmawi bin Dato' Wan Azmi, CEO of Raffles College of Higher Education, and Mr Won Foo Wen, CEO of Green Tech Malaysia Alliances representing Kloth Cares by Kloth Lifestyle.

Speaking at the launch event, Joseph Yeoh said, "Lot 10 always supports and participates in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. To protect our Mother Earth, everyone is responsible for reducing carbon emissions. We would like to encourage business partners and communities at large to join us and take action immediately. We strive to educate and inculcate the habit of sustainable living to the public so that it becomes an integral part of their lifestyle. By doing so, we hope to provide a better future for generations to come."

Lot 10 will join more than one billion people across 178 countries to continue its support for Earth Hour on Saturday 25 March 2017, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, by switching off non-essential lights including its facade's decorative lights. The tenants will also be participating by turning off their lights in their respective stores.

Another highlight of Lot 10's Earth Hour 2017 campaign is the Green Furniture Design Exhibition by Raffles College taking centre stage at the Concourse of Lot 10 until 29 March 2017. Students from the Interior Design Faculty have proposed mall furniture based on the theme of Green and Sustainability, using recycled/recyclable material. The exhibition showcases students' artwork presentations with final visual, conceptual development and sketches of their creations. The public can view these creative interpretations and vote for their favourite piece by submitting their votes at Lot 10's Cheeerleader Counter by 2 April 2017. They can also vote online on Lot 10's Facebook page. The top three designs with the highest votes will be fabricated and placed within the mall.

"The invitation by Lot 10's management to take part in Earth Hour is timely as it will also increase the awareness of the public to the capabilities of our students and institution. This collaboration not only evokes a sense of social responsibility, but it also inspires our students to communicate ideas and thoughts through designs. We look forward to many more collaborative projects in the future," said Mr Wan Azmawi, CEO of Raffles College of Higher Education.

The mall has also set up Recycle Bins on Level G, Level 2 and Level 5 where the public can drop off their pre-owned clothes, handbags, belts, linen and soft toys. This initiative by Kloth Cares helps the environment by creating less waste for landfills and less pollution throught the reduction in manufacturing new clothes. All proceeds from the sale from this Recycle Bin campaign will be channeled to the National Cancer Council (MAKNA), Malaysia Association for the Blind (MAB) and Recycle Community Malaysia Lestari (RCOMM Lestari).

"Being part of the global event of Earth Hour is a great honour, especially since it is in line with our corporate identity and philosophy to protect the environment. We take on the responsibility to build our knowledge of sustainable practices and look forward to further promoting green consciousness within the organisation and champion the reduction of energy consumption to do our part for Mother Earth," said Mr Woon Foo Wen, CEO of Green Tech Malaysia Alliances.

The mall is also promoting sustainable energy solutions by introducing bicycle-powered chargers where the public can generate electricity through pedal power. The modified bicycles are installed in the mall where shoppers can ride to charge their phones and mobile devices.

To reduce the use of plastic bags, Lot 10 have a limited number of Super Lottie Tote Bags which can be redeemed by shoppers at the Cheerleader's Counter when they spend RM200 in not more than two combined receipts on the same day.