Belt And Road Forum For International Cooperation

China Daily, May 14, 2017

The forum, to be held in Beijing from May 14-15, is the highest-level meeting of its kind since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed in 2013. At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, heads of state and government of 29 countries will attend the forum which will attract 1,500 people, including representatives of more than 70 international organizations and 130 countries.

The forum's aims include pooling knowledge and experience to find new drivers and development paths for the global economy, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a news conference in April. The two-day event will review progress on the construction of the initiative, reach consensus on further cooperation and help the development and structural readjustment of China's economy as well as boost the global economy through greater cooperation.

An opening ceremony will launch the forum followed by a series of high-level meetings and a round table summit. Xi will attend the opening ceremony and preside over the summit. The high-level conference of the forum adopts 1+6 model that includes a high-level plenary meeting and six parallel sessions.

The themes of the six parallel sessions are "Policy Communication and Development Strategy Docking Innovative Mechanisms and Common Development", "Interconnection and Moving towards Prosperity", "Smooth Efficient, Win-win Development and Deepening the Economic and Trade Cooperation of the Belt and Road", "Establishing Diversified Investment and Financing System and Promoting the Belt and Road Construction", "Jointly Build the Bridge of People's Hearts and Promoting Prosperity and Development", and "Joining Hands to Create Intelligence Silk Road".