Gates Through Time

New Straits Times, November 20, 2015

British performer Gareth Gates will perform two shows at the annual watch and jewellry showcase in Kuala Lumpur

One of Britain’s more successful singer-songwriters, Gareth Gates, is in town to perform at Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time IX.

The 31-year-old artiste who rose to fame in the Inaugural Pod Idol singing competition in 2001/2002 was one of UK’s youngest male solo artistes to debut at No.1 on the English music charts. His version of Unchained Melody sold over a million copies in the UK.

More recently, Gareth had a huge enjoyable and successful career in musicals (Les Miserables and Legally Blonde, to name but a few). Last year, he picked up his skates again to appear in the last TV season of Dancing On Ice. As if that wasn’t enough, he also found the time to join a band, 5th Story, and became part of the second seasons of the British realty-documentary series, The Big Reunion. The band has since toured across the UK and Ireland with other bands including Blue, 5ive, Damage and 3T.

This is not Gates’ first visit to Asia. In 2004, he performed with Datuk Siti Nurhaliza at the MTV Asia Awards in Singapore. He had also performed in Malaysia a few years back with his band.

“I’ve spent a quite of time in Malaysia and I love it! We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental. The swimming pool on the roof and the Twin Towers looked over us during our entire stay. I can’t wait to be back,” he said in an e-mail interview.

“I love food so I’m always game for trying new dishes. I loved the food in Malaysia the last time I was there.”

He shares more about his experience being in a band and what fans can expect form at the A Journey Through Time IX. (Gates will perform at the exclusive Opening Gala Dinner tonight at 7.30pm in Starhill Gallery’s Shook! Restaurant – and at the same venue on Sunday at 1.15pm for a public concert, that will also features a meet-the-fans session with Gates at 2.50pm).

Solo artiste, theatre performer and a band member. How different are the Three Gareth Gates?

I loved being a solo act: it was all I knew and it was a fantastic time, I went on to do some TV in the UK which led to me being offered some leading roles in the West End, which was a childhood dream come true. I was in a band briefly last year, for a big TV show here in the UK. It was great having the camaraderie of all the guys on tour.

Musically I prefer doing it solo with my backing band. I do a lot of gigs in the UK with them and it is something that I enjoy.”

What is your most memorable experience as a singer?

Getting to do what I do best everyday is incredible. Music means so much to me so to do it as a job is a bonus.

Tess us more about your experiences with 5th Story?

It was great to perform to a huge audience at big venues, like the O2 in London as part of a band. And to be on the boyband tour with the tour bus full of guys was a lot of fun! Lots of practical jokes!

What kind of music do you think appeals most to the current generation?

For me it’s the lyrical content and a good melody. The best songs written are those that stay with you and provoked an emotion.

Which musical genre are you most passionate about?

I trained as a classical singer and a classical musician. I play the piano and guitar. As a child, classical music was what I was most passionate about. However, when I entered the music industry, I began to love pop and rock. My taste has matured over the years, but music is all about emotions for me, it doesn’t matter what genre.

What has been the most challenging part of your career so far?

It’s always a challenge being in this industry. All the things you take for granted, like talking to people, having meeting or even a conversation. They are all very hard for me, in what is a very social industry. But I try not to let it hold me back or stop me. Some days are easier than others but every one is a challenge.

What is next for Gareth Gates?

In January, I begin rehearsal for a UK tour of the musical Footlose. I’m nervous and excited! I will get to sing, act, play guitar – and I have to dance! I’m a bit nervous about that as there is a whole big dance scene for me at the end. But it’s good to try new things.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your performance at A Journey Through Time IX event?

I’ll be playing some of the songs on the piano, which I’m looking forward to, as although I am trained classically on the piano. I don’t get to play very often these days. I will be performing a lot of my past hit songs as well as some songs from some of my favourite artistes.

What is your typical day off like?

A day off is quite rear at the moment! In a ideal world I’d have a lie in, make some healthy food (I’m on a health kick this year), then go to the gym. I would then go and pick up my daughter Missy. We would hang out, see a show or get some food together. She is my world! We would then meet up with my girlfriend Faye and maybe watch a movie. Then it would be time for more food. I like to eat!


A Journey Through Time IX is the most prominent watch and jewelry showcase in the country. The annual event in Kuala Lumpur from today to Nov 27, showcases 125 international watch and jewelry brands such as Bedat & Co., Berguet, Cecil Purnell, Hermes, Gubelin, Emperor’s Fine Jewels and many more.

The limited edition James Bond watch collection form Omega will be on display as well. Iconic British fashion designer Julien Macdonald will also showcase his feature pieces created exclusively for A Journey Through Time. Joining Gates on stage is British mezzo-soprano queen, Carly Paoli.