POSITIVE VALUES: Focus on positive change

NST, June 13, 2013

THE 13th General Election was probably the milestone that marked the period in our nation's history where the post-independence generation of Malaysians are shrouded with and consumed by negativity.

Many are trapped in a destructive frame of mind, and it manifests in the manner in which they discuss and express their dissatisfaction on almost all issues.

Anti-establishment sentiments and negativity towards any form of conformance are hailed as "happening", the truth and real; while any suggestion towards moderation as the underlying principle, is jeered upon. Laws or establishment's agencies that do not accommodate to their way of thinking are labelled and rejected.

Who are the culprits responsible for breeding and promoting such attitudes?

It is rather unfortunate that most opposition supporters hate to hear this, but the truth must be told. We need an opposition because in a thriving democracy it would serve the nation very well.

Especially if it is a credible opposition voice that provides the check and balance necessary in any democratic system. Respecting the establishment that was elected does not mean it is accepted to be perfect. Ideally, the opposition's inputs should contribute to positive and brilliant ideas that are beneficial to the people. The key words are positive, constructive, check and balance and beneficial to all.

Compare them with the sort of opposition leaders and pact that we now have and we can see where the opposition had digressed.

We should ask ourselves is it only important to criticise the establishment but leave the opposition untouched? Is that the mark of a healthy democracy that we want to uphold? Just because they are the opposing side therefore they can do no wrong and allowed to act irresponsibly?

One point that many failed to mention as a result of the general election was that it clearly exposed the modus operandi of the opposition in politics.

Their leader's flip-flop on issues relating to race and religion. Their irresponsible smearing campaigns using out of context arguments to incite hate, confusing believers and worse of all, using outright lies.

Their conscious effort to breed one-track mind supporters who will support them despite the negative or destructive outcome. All these took place long before the polls and it is continuing now.

Can we honestly declare these are the acts of a responsible and constructive opposition?

Perhaps those who could not see these facts revealed then or now, were seated too close to the television screen. Take a few steps back and look at these leaders who claim to be near perfect.

Having said that, we must arrest this slide into negativity and polarisation in our society created by an irresponsible opposition.

Malaysians are dynamic and greatly value moderation. We have grown as a nation because Malaysians never welcomed aggression, negativity or destructive ideas.

The efforts for reconciliation called upon by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should start with everyone (from both sides of the political divide) promoting positive and constructive ideas and rejecting aggression and negative values.

As a nation we can effectively institute whatever positive changes necessary and become stronger and not easily succumb to opportunistic manipulations.

Our focus should always be positive, moderate, and forward thinking.

The law of attraction applies to the whole nation as well. We reap what we sow.

Sugiman Sabri, Shah Alam, Selangor