YTL hosts welcome dinner for World Economic Forum on ASEAN delegates

Kuala Lumpur, 31 May 2016

As delegates arrived in Malaysia for the anticipated World Economic Forum on ASEAN, Malaysia the ever gracious hosts invited delegates to an array of activities around the city centre.

YTL Corporation hosted a welcome dinner for the delegates on the 31st May 2016 at their newly refurbished city hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur. Themed Transformation and Inclusion in Education, guests got the chance to experience first-hand what redefining the classroom was all about.

In a special showcase by FrogAsia, guests were taken on a virtual tour of the Frog Classroom with the Samsung Gear VR device. The Frog Classrooms is an initiative by FrogAsia and YTL Foundation to transform classrooms across Malaysia to help students learn in a clean, bright and fun environment.

YTL Foundation believes that effective education in the 21st century requires transformation not only in the way we learn, but also in the learning environment.
Classrooms are also equipped with Chromebooks and lessons are facilitated via the Frog Virtual Learning Environment (Frog VLE).  

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Group Managing Director of YTL Corporation shared about how education has been the cornerstone of YTL's success during the evening.  

"When we had the opportunity to bid for the 1BestariNet project to provide 4G internet connectivity to 10,000 schools in this country together with a virtual learning platform, we knew this was a project wanted to invest in. To be able to dive deeper into improving education for 5 million children in this country was something we had to be part of.

"We believe that children in the poorest communities should not be left out of the technological revolution that is happening right now and will continue to accelerate. As hard as it might we, we will continue to press on to bring new and better ways for teachers to teach and children to learn," he said.

Heading the Frog Classroom initiative is Datin Kathleen Chew, Group Legal Counsel of YTL Corporation Berhad who is also a Co-chair of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN 2016.

Founded in 1997, YTL Foundation believes that education is the basis on which every society progresses. Education moulds minds, inspires achievements and ultimately builds nations. By developing and improving education in the communities in which the YTL Group operates, YTL Foundation aims to empower individuals and communities to be catalysts of change to enrich and benefit society.

Through programmes, funding, thought leadership, and by championing the use of technology, YTL Foundation is redefining the teaching and learning process. Backed by the YTL Group of Companies’ 60-year heritage of nation building, YTL Foundation hopes to build better societies, through better education.

The highlight of the event was a talk by Safeena Husain, Executive Director at Educate Girls. Safeena shared her story of how she’s making a difference in education equality for girls in India. Educate Girls aims to tackle issues at the root cause of gender inequality in India’s education system. Now with over 8000 school projects in India, Educate Girls focuses on enrolment, retention and learning and have over 2.8 million beneficiaries of this programmatic interventions.