UNICEF Ambassador Carly Paoli Officiates Launch of Starhill Gallery's Christmas Charity Drive with Dignity For Children Foundation

(Left) Carly activates the ferris wheel to launch Starhill Gallery's Christmas Charity Drive (Right) Carly performs 'My Christmas Dream is You'

Kuala Lumpur, November 24, 2015

UNICEF Ambassador Carly Paoli today brought joy to kids from Dignity For Children Foundation as she officiated the Starhill Gallery Christmas Charity Drive.  Thirty Children from Dignity gathered at The Newens Tea House to receive their gifts from the British Classical singer.

Carly has performed at various iconic venues around the world, including the Caracalla for UNICEF concert in Rome with the legendary Jose Carreras and Andrea Bocelli and most recently at Carnegie Hall in New York as part of UNESCO’s 70th Anniversary Celebration.

Carly is in town to perform at the upcoming Tourism & Culture Gala Night: Watch & Jewellery of the Year Awards Presentation alongside Italian tenor, Alessandro Safina which will be held on 27 November, marking the finale of A Journey Through Time IX.

In the spirit of Christmas, Carly performed a beautiful rendition of My Christmas Dream Is You much to the delight of the children and guests who were present.

Carly and the children from Dignity for Children Foundation

Speaking at the event, Carly said, “Our future is built on the ability of our children to dream, pursue their dreams and inspire others to believe in a better tomorrow.  Being able to support an organisation like Dignity for Children Foundation is a privilege and I look forward to seeing the amazing individuals who come out of this great programme.”

The Dignity for Children Foundation is a learning centre with 1,000 poor and vulnerable children from the ages of 2 to 17. The children receive quality education in a secure environment which empowers them to become productive members of society.

The Christmas Charity Drive was launched when Carly activated a ferris wheel bearing names of the 30 children who had their wishes fulfilled. Each gift was generously donated by Starhill Gallery and its esteemed tenants namely Bedat & Co., Carrera y Carrera, Cecil Purnell, Cortina, Garrard & Co, Gubelin, Hermes and Mouawad.

The campaign at Starhill Gallery aims to raise awareness of the Foundation and harness the spirit of giving.  

Patrons of Starhill Gallery may pick wish-cards of the children from Dignity from the Christmas tree on the Indulge Floor and purchase a gift for them too. All gifts should be delivered to the Starhill Gallery concierge by 18 December 2015.