Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre team rescue endangered Proboscis Monkey at sea

Gaya Island, Borneo, Malaysia, 16 January 2014

This evening at 4.30pm Gaya Island Resort, guests and team members were equally awestruck when a proboscis monkey was spotted bobbing in the sea close to the resort’s Malohom Bay.

Resident Marine Biologist Scott Mayback and Naturalist Justin Juhun were soon enlisted to help bring the animal back to shore by boat. “We got close to the proboscis monkey and it immediately hopped onto the boat. It was obviously very tired from the swim and happy to be rescued.

As the team neared the shore, the monkey then jumped onto the beach, staying for awhile to regain strength before it disappeared back into the jungle. Investigating the event after, naturalist Justin Juhun, who spends much of his time on the resort grounds observing habits and protecting the Gaya Island resident wild proboscis monkey harem, pinpointed it as the 15-year old dominant male of the harem. “When we found the monkey, it had scratches on its nose signifying that there was some tension with the young males in the harem.

"Eyewitnesses also saw these other males driving this monkey away. It then ran into the sea to escape. The incident is no cause for alarm as it signifies a healthy relationship within the harem.”

The endangered proboscis monkey, identifiable by its large, pendulous nose, is endemic to the island of Borneo. It was a short but exciting episode for guests and team members of Gaya Island Resort to witness nature at its most exhilarating, enabling all to experience the magnificence of the proboscis monkey and bring home the need to protect them.

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