W@Y’s Knowing the Signs of Learning Differences

The Women@ YTL (W@Y) together with 54C held a session entitled ‘Knowing the Signs of Learning Differences’ at 54C, The YTL Learning Space. Given that autism is a relatively sensitive topic but more common than expected, this talk was organised to increase the awareness about it and to...

Malaysian foodie journeys with YTL Hotels

Malaysia is the land of gourmet fusion and in honour of this, YTL Hotels has curated the ultimate YTL Malaysian Foodie Journey. Enjoying a fascinating and colourful history, Malaysia cuisine has been inspired by its settlers and neighbours, creating a magical fusion of dishes across the country w...

YTL Corp Announces Voluntary Share Exchange Offer to YTL e-Solutions Shareholders

YTL Corporation Berhad announced today that it has extended a voluntary share exchange offer to YTL e-Solutions Berhad, which will enable the shareholders of YTL e-Solutions to exchange their YTL e-Solutions shares for shares in YTL Corp.

YTL Corp makes share swap offer to take YTL e-Solutions private

YTL Corp Bhd plans to take its information technology (IT) subsidiary YTL e-Solutions Bhd private by offering new YTL Corp shares in exchange for YTL e-Solutions shares.

'Make classroom a fun place'

The classroom – a collaboration between the Express Rail Link, ERL Maintenance Support and YTL Foundation – is the first Frog Virtual Learning Environment (Frog VLE) to cater for students with special needs and learning disabilities.

Cultural exhibition with glamour

STARHILL Gallery Kuala Lumpur teamed up with Han Culture Centre Malaysia to present the first edition of “The Enchanting Orient” exhibition aimed at bringing visitors up close with ancient Chinese art and culture amid contemporary style and glamour.

Eco Warrior

Ruth Yeoh, A fourth-generation Executive at YTL Corporation, has made sustainability and conservation her raison d'etre, says Paw Cheng Jyh.

Doing the responsible thing

What challenges and/or opportunities do you see in sustainability reporting?

Francis Yeoh, Managing Director, YTL Corporation Group

YTL Group has taken sustainability seriously and commenced reporting in 2006 when we published our first annual sustainability ...

China's prized artwork on show

China’s most famous painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” (Qingming Shanghe Tu), dubbed “China’s Mona Lisa”, will be showcased in the form of dough art figurines at the Starhill Gallery from tomorrow to Saturday.

Giving turtles a helping hand

For the first time, hundreds of tiny green turtle hatchlings floundered, stopped and crawled their way into the South China Sea after being released from private hatcheries here. They were all washed by the tides into the ocean after being helped into the sea by the hands of volunteers from Lang ...

YTL's YES launches 4G LTE service to become Malaysia's first VoLTE service provider

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh said that the new Yes 4G LTE network would dramatically change the landscape of mobile services throughout the country with their all-IP, high capacity 4G Internet service which supports the ability to carry out concurrent activities such as downloading movies whilst making c...

YTL Communications banks on new plan to turn profitable

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, a wireless broadband service provider which has been incurring losses the past five years, is banking on its newly-launched YES 4G LTE Plan to become profitable.

Mobile Internet providers should be more honest and transparent

Mobile Internet providers should to be more transparent about their offerings as users are technology savvy, according to YTL Corporation Sdn Bhd Managing Director Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh.

“In the Internet world and with the presence of social media, I think it is better to be h...

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King takes on Citigroup role despite past criticism of bankers

Mervyn King, former governor of the Bank of England, has quietly taken up a role as a senior adviser to Citigroup, surprising friends and former colleagues who assumed his disdain for bankers would stop him following peers through the “revolving door” connecting policymaking and finan...

UK decision to delay Hinkley Point plant catches China by surprise

Chinese officials expressed surprise on Friday at the British government’s sudden decision to delay the final go-ahead of an £18bn nuclear power plant, throwing into doubt the UK’s recent warm relations with Beijing.

Pope Francis prays alone in haunting Auschwitz

POPE Francis prays in an Auschwitz underground cell where Polish priest and Catholic saint Maximilian Kolbe died after taking the place of a condemned man.

Hinkley Point: 'I am prime minister, this is my method,' says May

Theresa May warned François Hollande twice last week that she would delay the Hinkley Point nuclear project. But whether or not the French president believed she would act so decisively, nobody appears to have told EDF.

KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail projected to start around 2026

The High-Speed Rail (HSR) line linking Singapore and Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur (KL) is expected to start operations around 2026. This was announced at a joint press conference on Tuesday (July 19) after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the neighbouring countries.

Google CEO defends Europe tax practices, warns on Brexit

Google CEO Sundar Pichai hit back Sunday at accusations that the global internet giant failed to pay enough taxes in Europe, and warned of the potential fallout from Britain leaving the EU.

GST helps combat 'untraceable' activities

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will help combat previously untraceable economic activities and give more revenue to the government to be used for infrastructure projects that can benefit the rakyat.

Efficient tax system to boost revenue

The second part of the New Straits Times exclusive interview with Second Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani.

Google Plans to Train 2 Million Developers for Android

Google launched a program to train 2 million developers in India for its Android platform as its fires up a race with Apple Inc. for the country’s developers to create innovative mobile apps.

Bastian's Costly Contract

Man United transfer news: Old Trafford flop Bastian Schweinsteiger will cost club £14million to axe with Paris Saint Germain ready to pounce. The German midfielder had a disastrous first season for the Red Devils and barely featured after a spate of injuries.

'TNB wants market rate for deal'

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) wants YTL Power International Bhd to pay the market rate for the land lease of its power plants in Paka, Terengganu and Pasir Gudang, Johor, before signing the new power purchase agreement (PPA), said sources.

Alis in Yunaland

It’s no wonder that this amazingly talented Malaysian singer-songwriter has made such an impact on the American music scene.

Action panel to tackle Kedah’s water woes

Kedah will form an action committee as a short-term measure to handle and resolve the state’s water issues.

Donald Trump praised rival Hillary Clinton in 2008 radio segment: ‘She’d make a good president’

Donald Trump once thought “Crooked Hillary” was qualified for the White House.

AMC to buy Odeon cinemas from Terra Firma for £921m

China’s wealthiest man has taken advantage of the sharp drop in sterling to make a bet that Brexit’s real-life drama will not stop Britons from watching movies with the £921m acquisition of the UK’s Odeon cinema chain.

Are We on the Path to National Ruin?

I never really understood how fascism could have come to Europe, but I think I understand better now. You start with some fundamental historical transformation, like the Great Depression or the shift to an information economy. A certain number of people are dispossessed. They lose identity, self-...

Handling of chemicals 'dangerously lax'

First came the rashes, coughs and headaches. Then medical tests showed up signs of bronchitis, even leukaemia.

Special Report: China's Soiled Soil

Extensive soil pollution has hurt livelihoods and raised concerns about food safety

Conserve Forests to Resolve Water Problem Faced by Kedahans

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Kedah state government to  conserve forests in the state in its efforts to resolve the water problem faced by Kedahans.

Nurse in photo describes her arrest in Baton Rouge as 'work of God'

The black woman in the photograph stands in calm protest, her long dress fluttering in the breeze as two policemen clad in the heavy black padding and helmets of riot gear rush to remove her from a roadway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

MAHB sees clearer skies ahead

Hopes were high that relations between Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) and AirAsia Bhd would improve under Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, The Edge weekly reports in its latest edition.

How to embrace nationalism responsibly

It is clear after the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s victory in the Republican presidential primaries that electorates are revolting against the relatively open economic policies that have been the norm in the United States and Britain since World War II

Cliff Richard starts legal action against BBC and South Yorkshire Police

Cliff Richard has instructed lawyers to make formal legal complaints to South Yorkshire Police and the BBC over their handling of a police raid on his home.

High speed rail plans inch closer

The much-awaited Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR project is expected to be inked very soon. And China, the world’s biggest newcomer in the field, is not settling for second best.

An Asian view of Brexit – a tragedy or comedy of errors?

Brexit was such a shock that everyone has an opinion, often very funny. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission lamented, “The British vote has cut off one of our wings, as it were, but we’re still flying”. One wit from Scotland commented that instead of Britan...

IMF cuts growth predictions for eurozone over post-Brexit confusion

Uncertainty and lack of confidence expected in markets and economies across Europe as International Monetary Fund says warnings were ignored

IMF downgrades eurozone growth post-Brexit

The International Monetary Fund has downgraded its projections for growth in the euro area, arguing the UK’s decision to leave the EU will dent the region’s economic recovery over the next two years.

Singapore dollar near record high puts heat on MAS to ease again

Haven buying of the Singapore dollar amid global market turmoil has pushed a gauge of its strength to unprecedented levels, putting pressure on the city's central bank to do more to support the economy.

The politics of the future: Be open and armed

If Tony Blair is remembered in history only for his support of the Iraq War, that will be a tragedy. 

DEUTSCHE BANK: The pound is going lower — much lower

Sterling is already hovering close to 31-year-lows against the dollar in the wake of the UK’s shock vote to leave the European Union, but on Thursday Deutsche Bank predicted the currency will fall much lower.

S&P puts Australia credit rating on negative watch

Australia is in danger of losing its coveted triple A credit rating following a decision by Standard & Poor’s to place the country on negative watch following its inconclusive election result.

Temasek Assets Likely Fell First Time Since 2008 on China Rout

Temasek Holdings Pte’s portfolio probably declined for the first time in seven years as stock markets plunged amid a slowing Chinese economy and uncertainty over U.S. Federal Reserve policy.

Brexit a double-edged sword for France's National Front

Britain's vote to leave the European Union looks like a boost for France's eurosceptic National Front, but that could turn to trouble for the party if voters see instability across the Channel when they elect a new president in 10 months' time.

‘Panic’ Brexit Withdrawals Freeze $23 Billion Property Funds

Henderson, Columbia Threadneedle and Canada Life suspend funds. Aberdeen marks down value of U.K. property fund by 17%.

Asia’s Investors Are at Risk From Slide in London Property Prices

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has clouded the outlook for property, prompting asset managers to freeze withdrawals from real estate funds as investors rushed to redeem their money.

Lionel Messi: Barcelona star appeals over tax fraud verdict

Barcelona football star Lionel Messi and his father will appeal against a Spanish court decision to sentence them each to 21 months in jail for tax fraud, the player's lawyers say.

The threat is real

English actor, filmmaker and director Peter Ustinov once said: “Terrorism is the war of the poor against the rich, and war is the terrorism of the rich against the poor.”

If Ibrahim Ali were Japanese

Nearly two weeks ago, Datuk Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa lashed out at outgoing Malaysia Airlines Berhad chief executive officer Christoph Mueller for being “rude and insolent” over a remark Mueller made that he caught many staff who had nothing to do or were sleeping on the job.

TNB takes EC and KeTTHA to court

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is in dispute with the Energy Commission (EC) and energy, green technology and water minister (KeTTHA) over the power purchase agreement (PPA) which the utility group was supposed to sign with YTL Power International Bhd.

Brexit vote shakes up London property market

The aftershocks of Britain's decision to leave the European Union have hit the property sector over the past week, with a foreign bank freezing loans for buyers and some investors pulling out of commercial deals.

Brexit Vote a Wake-Up Call for Asean, Indonesia’s Lembong Says

Conditions for economic integration will become more difficult. Asean leaders cannot afford to ignore sentiment on the ground.

TNB applies for judicial review over YTL Power PPA

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) has applied for leave to commence judicial review proceedings against the Energy Commission (EC) and the Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister in relation to a new power purchase agreement (PPA) that it is negotiating with YTL Power Generation Sdn Bhd

In race to be Asia's fintech hub, Singapore leads Hong Kong

Singapore is rushing to reinvent itself as Asia's financial technology, or fintech, hub to fend off a regulatory threat to its wealth management industry and revive a sluggish economy.

China soccer boom sparks online gambling craze

In China's eastern city of Hangzhou, Mr Li could barely watch as Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo lined up a penalty kick in a finely-balanced Euro 2016 group match against Austria. Li had reason to be nervous: he had bet tens of thousands of yuan on Portugal to win.

Warning, more Brexit-shockers ahead

Unless the resulting twin gulfs—growing economic inequality and a widening political disconnect between leaders and the people—are bridged, holding off the “demagogic voices” will prove ever more difficult.

Some of these voices were shamelessly “economical ...

Serving up a solution to Singapore's retiring hawker sellers

Singapore is cooking up new methods to find the next wave of hawker sellers amid fears the city state's signature street-food delights could fall off the menu with chef retirements.

Bilateral initiatives to target infrastructure

Filipinos are no strangers to traffic jams, flight delays and port congestion. As the new Philippine government takes office, it is faced with a range of challenges to improve the country’s weak infrastructure.

Engineering change

Archie Johnston has been given many accolades in his long and distinguished academic career. But the most unexpected came from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where he is a “lifetime advisory professor”, which named him among the world’s top 200 scholars.