Introducing The City's Most Riveting Dining & Entertainment Hotspot


The Tastemakers, 11, November 2020


The Starhill Dining, located in the heart of Bukit Bintang, will be reimagined come December 2020 as the city’s most riveting dining and entertainment destination hotspot. Anchored at the heart of the all-new The Starhill, this space will soon hum with life and energy, featuring culinary sophistication at its most elegant with a diverse spread of gastronomic creations.

The Starhill Dining is centred within a complex that includes JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur – The Happening Hotel, a determinedly modern landmark in the city, and seamlessly connected to The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur, the city’s most enviable address.

With this evolution, The Starhill Dining will reaffirm its position as the Home of the Tastemakers – a network of gourmands and industry experts, from designers brandishing their colour fans to chefs wielding their cooking utensils. At the forefront of the space’s stylish redesign is Zaidan Tahir, the Lead Designer – an illustrious interior designer well-known for his au courant, clean approach.

The Living Room

The Starhill Dining is awash with Zaidan’s aesthetics, and his vision for the space sees an intermingling of fashion, entertainment and gastronomy – all under one roof. Each dining concept has been designed to be stylishly inviting, yet accented with modern touches for a contemporary yet timeless interior; with subtle nuances from the floor tiles to the wall accents reflecting their individual identities.

The Starhill Dining celebrates culinary sophistication, bringing to diners fresh, seasonal and globally inspired dining experiences with a diverse spread of gastronomic creations served by the Tastemakers, each with a unique food programming.

Its collection of captivating dining and entertainment concepts includes Shook!, KL’s choice restaurant that continues to fuel the imagination; Luk Yu Tea House that embraces a poetic Chinese heritage; The Alchemy featuring gin botanicals for every season; the popular Jogoya restaurant; fine Arabic cuisine at Tarbush Lounge and much more. Located right in the heart of The Starhill – a shopping destination offering experiential retail in a warm and sophisticated boutique retail environment, The Starhill Dining cements its place at the epicentre of Bukit Bintang as the ultimate gastronomic destination for a taste of fashion and culinary indulgences. Join us as The Starhill Dining continues to unfold a series of stories unveiling each Tastemaker.